We are a research group in School of Electronics Engineering at Kyungpook National University.

We investigate artificial intelligence (AI) by understanding the underlying mechanisms of the brain. In particular, we develop novel deep learning algorithms that mimic the neurons in the brain and apply state-of-the-art deep learning architectures to analyze diverse empirical data. We are also interested in investigating natural language processing and computer vision that lead the AI research field. (see our Research).

We have a lab GitHub page to share our lab stuff including lab website, code, research projects, and etc. Please visit our lab GitHub to get more information.


April 2022

Congrats! Our paper has been published link

February 2022

2022 한국인공지능학회 동계단기강좌 참가 link

February 2022

2022 한동대-포스텍 인공지능 워크샵 참가 link

November 2021

안상태 교수 - International Biomedical Engineering Conference 2021 (IBEC 2021) 초청발표 link

August 2021

안상태 교수 - 2021 한국뇌공학회 하계 Workshop 초청발표 link

August 2021

서울대학교 AI 여름학교 참가 link

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